Welcoming Sandy Stow to FranChoice

Sandy Stow

FranChoice welcomes new consultant Sandy Stow! FranChoice welcomes Sandy Stow as a new consultant.  Sandy has over 15 years’ experience in the franchising world, holding several key positions with a nationally recognized franchisor. Her years of experience have provided her a unique blend of both franchise knowledge and franchise experience.  She now can draw upon…

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Welcoming Tiffany Dodson to FranChoice

Tiffany Dodson

FranChoice welcomes new consultant Tiffany Dodson! FranChoice welcomes Tiffany Dodson as a new consultant.  Tiffany’s journey through franchising started 14 years ago when she bought her first franchise. She was working 80-hour weeks as a senior brand manager on one of the world’s largest brands, when her two toddlers delivered a ‘wake-up call’. As she…

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