Your Franchise Journey

With FranChoice, our process is all about you.  This is your dream and your journey.
Our consultants serve as your guide and are here to aid you in your search. 


We focus on your dreams and goals, so you can achieve the results, lifestyle, and legacy you want.


With decades of industry experience, we can provide expert advice every step of the way.

Proven Process

Backed by our sterling reputation, our consultants use our proven process to connect your business needs and goals to the franchises in our extensive portfolio.

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Your Franchise Journey

How We Create the Perfect Match

Consultation Services

Our consultation services support your efforts and connect you to franchisors. We have trusted relationships with many franchisors because we bring them highly qualified candidates, who often go on to become their top performing franchisees. By leveraging our relationships, you get a wider selection of choices.

Franchise Options

We take the time to thoroughly understand your situation and to consider the franchise businesses available to you. Our successful business owners appreciate our attention to detail. Once we learn all the details of your ownership dream, we can put the two together to help you create a potentially perfect fit.


We’re with you every step of the way, with coaching and guidance to assist you as you conduct your investigation. Starting a new business isn’t as complicated when you have an advisor to help keep you on the path toward owning a franchise. You’re in control, and we’re there to help.

Smart Choices

We consider franchise opportunities to find ones that appear to match your desired and unique business characteristics. Our expansive portfolio consists of a variety of franchise companies that can match and fill your business ownership requirements.


Our Candidate Development Process

Our process is comprehensive, confidential, and complimentary. Every step of our 3-step process is centered on you. We provide expert advice and coaching to discover your business dreams and goals, and build a customized model tailored to those dreams, which can help you determine which franchise business opportunity works best for you. The whole process is designed to help you find your “perfect match.”

Your Personalized Model
Business Selection


The best fit starts with knowing your needs and wants.  The initial part of our process includes a conversation, which leads to completing our information gathering questionnaire. It helps us thoroughly understand your background, goals, experience, and desired level of financial investment. From there it grows into an in-depth consultation with one of our consultants. We work to create clarity and build trust as we begin your franchise journey.


During your consultation, we work to understand your vision and goals for business ownership and help create your roadmap to get there. We start with why you want to be a business owner, and then determine the characteristics that are important to you, from location and hours to roles and employees. We help you answer the questions that matter. Are you going to manage the business or just own it? Will you have partners? When do you want to open? How much are you willing to invest? In our experience, understanding the answers to these and other questions helps you find a franchise that suits you. Armed with that understanding, we can seek the right fit.  

Your Personalized Model

After your consultation, we create your personalized model. Your consultant will consider the characteristics listed in your model and compare them against our comprehensive inventory of franchises to see which franchise opportunities best fit. This process cuts through the clutter, refines your ownership search, and keeps you on the path to franchise ownership.

Business Selection

Once the search is narrowed, picking the businesses for you to investigate requires much thought and consideration. We compare our comprehensive inventory of franchises to your plan and business characteristics. When evaluating franchises to recommend, we factor in many things, including your investment level, territories available, and even culture and personality match to the franchisor. After we introduce you to franchises, you will begin your own in-depth research.

With your FranChoice Consultant providing guidance and advice, you can research, consider, evaluate, and choose the franchise opportunity you want. We’ll teach you how to consider financial and industry information and review the training, support, and marketing you can receive. You will interview current franchisees on their experience, investment, and earnings. Ultimately, you will make the best decision for you.

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