New Franchisee Profile: Boutique Fitness Franchise

boutique fitness franchise

If you’re wondering what’s hot in franchising, check out the possibility of owning a boutique fitness franchise. M., one of our franchisor placements, did just that. She is now on her way to opening multiple units.

What’s exciting about a group class at a boutique fitness franchise?

The demand for group fitness classes is taking off due to what’s been called the “experiential economy.” A group fitness class experience is something you can’t order on Amazon! Although group fitness is not new its popularity has skyrocketed, thanks to the more recent advent of Instagram selfies.

The studios with the most appeal are fun and filled with energy, attracting loyal members of all ages, body types, and fitness levels. Classes may focus on a particular type of workout or the studio may offer a mix. Examples include barre, HIIT, stretch, boxing, Pilates, and all types of yoga. People seek out fitness classes for many reasons including increasing strength, reducing body fat, reducing the risk of injuries, regaining mobility, and improving flexibility and range of motion.

New Franchisee Profile

M. is a surgeon who was looking for a business she could build with her husband while still focusing on her full-time career in medicine. She looked at various opportunities over time but was not finding the perfect fit. Ultimately, she sought a business model that focused on health and wellness, so a boutique fitness franchise was a natural choice. M. wanted a model with simple operations, conducive to semi-absentee ownership, that would provide a healthy work-life balance.

By working with one of our expert FranChoice consultants, M. found the franchise company that was right for her. Through her work in the medical field, she was familiar with the benefits of the particular type of workout. Our FranChoice consultant introduced her to the franchisor, which drew her interest. M. loves the experience the studios offer, as well as the depth of support provided by its corporate team. She and her husband plan to open multiple studios in CO.

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If you’re interested in a boutique fitness franchise or are looking for other options available in the franchise industry, contact one of our FranChoice consultants for more information! As always, our services come at no cost to you. Working with a franchise consultant saves you a lot of time and makes the process more efficient and successful.