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Welcoming Sandy Stow to FranChoice

By FranChoice | May 25, 2017
Sandy Stow

FranChoice welcomes new consultant Sandy Stow!

FranChoice welcomes Sandy Stow as a new consultant.  Sandy has over 15 years’ experience in the franchising world, holding several key positions with a nationally recognized franchisor. Her years of experience have provided her a unique blend of both franchise knowledge and franchise experience.  She now can draw upon this experience to assist others in determining which franchise opportunities might be best for them.

Sandy’s background

Sandy’s career began in franchise sales in September 2001 and she quickly became one of the company’s top representatives.

In 2003, Sandy took the leap into the entrepreneurial world after seeing the successes of the new franchisees she was bringing into the organization. Jumping in with both feet, Sandy became an Area Developer in Las Vegas, and shortly thereafter, in the Dallas metro area.

Awards and Honors

Throughout her tenure, Sandy received numerous awards and honors, but none more meaningful than being named “Area Developer of the Year” by her peers. This award is given to the Area Developer that shows the most integrity and provides the highest levels of support to their franchisees, a hallmark of everything Sandy has done. As an Area Developer, she is well versed in market planning, site selection and build-out. She is also skilled in operational support which only deepens her ability to assist others as they begin their journey into franchising.

Continuing in her corporate career, Sandy was later promoted to Vice President of Area Development.  In this role, she was responsible for identifying and training the company’s new Area Developers.  She thrived at this and was the architect of many multi-million dollar deals.

Franchise Consulting

Today, Sandy continues to be a very successful Area Developer and now helps potential franchisees as a franchise consultant. Her personal journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur has empowered her to want to introduce others to the freedom and success that franchising can provide. Sandy takes immense pride in watching others benefit from her experiences and expertise.

Sandy lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia with her husband Lee and her cat Darling.  She enjoys her morning walks along the boardwalk, and she especially relishes spending time with her family. Her greatest pride has been her daughter Katie, who is also an entrepreneur and the jewel of Sandy’s eye. Sandy can be reached by email at sstow@franchoice.com or via phone at 757-567-6412.

To learn more about Sandy Stow or any of the other industry expert FranChoice consultants, visit our website at www.franchoice.com


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Welcoming Tiffany Dodson to FranChoice

By FranChoice | May 8, 2017
Tiffany Dodson

FranChoice welcomes new consultant Tiffany Dodson!

FranChoice welcomes Tiffany Dodson as a new consultant.  Tiffany’s journey through franchising started 14 years ago when she bought her first franchise. She was working 80-hour weeks as a senior brand manager on one of the world’s largest brands, when her two toddlers delivered a ‘wake-up call’. As she explored her options, Tiffany decided that the benefits of the franchising model best suited her career and life goals.  These goals included things many people desire:  financial rewards and lifestyle flexibility.

Tiffany’s background

Tiffany holds deep roots in the franchise industry. She has held senior marketing roles at well-known international franchises, including an international food franchisor.  She is recognized not only as a top performing franchisee, but also as a top master franchisee.  Tiffany was voted by her peers to be the Master Developer, not once but twice in an international franchise. In the span of eight years, Tiffany grew her master franchise areas from four locations to 90.

Tiffany joined FranChoice to help you “Achieve Your Dreams” because she enjoying helping find the right business. She combines her experience with a proven process to find a franchise that fits as if it were custom made.

Tiffany moved back to her hometown of Winston-Salem, North Carolina over ten years ago with her husband Ryan and two daughters. The family spends a lot of time at horse barns, music concerts, and traveling both in the US and abroad. Three times a week, Tiffany spends quality time with a personal trainer, “training for life”.

Tiffany may be reached by calling (336) 306-3578 or via email at TDodson@FranChoice.com.

To learn more about Tiffany Dodson or any of the other industry expert FranChoice consultants, visit our website at www.franchoice.com


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