Benefits of the Business to Business (B2B) Franchise Model

If you’re drawn to sales and relationship building, take a look at business to business (B2B) franchise opportunities. B2B franchisees provide products and/or services to other small businesses, saving them time and money. B2B businesses have many advantages over retail businesses. And you’ll find there’s a vast array of B2B franchise opportunities out there.

B2B Franchises: Services and/or Products

B2B service-oriented franchises provide a huge variety of solutions for small businesses. They include ship and mail centers, business consulting, temporary personnel placement, and IT support. Some B2B franchises offer specialty services, including document shredding, restaurant equipment cleaning, and tax preparation. Small businesses usually save money by outsourcing these services rather than keeping dedicated employees on staff. Therefore, B2B services are in great demand.

Products that B2B franchises provide to small businesses include copier and office supplies, logo apparel and other products, and signage.

B2B Advantages

One advantage of operating a B2B franchise is its schedule. Typically, B2B franchises operate during the same hours as their clients: Monday through Friday during business hours. This traditional schedule is especially beneficial to franchisees who strive to balance work and family time. In comparison, consider retail business hours (e.g., 9am-9pm) and fast-food franchise hours (e.g., 6am-2am). Both require weekend hours.

If you’re moving from a corporate job to business ownership, choosing a B2B franchise may enable a smooth transition. Sales and marketing experience in any industry is useful preparation for calling on business customers.

Another advantage of B2B franchises is the national buying power of the franchisor. This enables B2B franchisees to obtain optimal pricing on the products they sell or supplies for their services. These savings can be passed on to customers, enabling the franchisee to offer an appealing pricing structure.

Yet another advantage: lower expenses and overhead. B2B franchises are frequently less expensive to get into than other types of franchise businesses, and many have lower operating expenses. Because B2B businesses do not require prime retail spaces, their overhead is lower than that of businesses that cater to the general public.

Many B2B businesses, particularly those in service categories, can run their companies from home offices instead of storefronts or commercial office spaces. This greatly reduces operating expenses. By minimizing or eliminating real estate expenses, B2B owners can focus their resources on advertising, marketing, and management.

The B2B Franchisee

An ideal candidate for a B2B franchise is someone who enjoys networking with other business professionals and building relationships within the community. If this is not your strong point, you may want to partner with or hire someone to connect with prospective clients. Most franchises will not require that you have experience in their specific industry and will provide all the training you will need to run the business. You’ll need a strong desire to succeed and sincere belief in the value of the product or service you will be providing.

Business to business franchise companies provide a much needed service to small businesses and are one of the fastest growing sectors in the franchise industry. Whether home-based or in a brick and mortar location, service- or product-oriented, a B2B franchise can provide you with a low-cost, high-demand business opportunity that has a hometown feel and the backing and support of a national franchise company.