Becoming a franchise owner: fear can be your fuel


Some people who consider becoming a franchise owner miss out on the opportunity because they let anxiety overtake them. In fact, fear of failure is the factor most likely to prevent a potential franchise buyer from moving ahead with a franchise purchase.

It’s true that buying a franchise is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. But keep this in mind: feeling fear is not only normal, it’s entirely appropriate when it comes to a life-changing decision. The only problem with fear is when you allow it to stop you from making making a well-informed, well-considered decision to improve your life.

What to ask yourself

Ask yourself this question when anxiety crops up during the decision-making process:

Are my doubts caused by lack of information?

It’s easy to tackle doubts due to lack of information. The first step is to make a list of all the questions you have. Then proceed to finding the answers. If becoming a franchise owner is the decision you’re struggling with, a FranChoice consultant can help you find the answers you need.

Feel the fear but don’t let it stall your process

Fear can derail you in many ways. One common result is the decision to make no decision. Although this helps you avoid the fear, you may miss out on the chance to make the life change you’ve been striving toward.

A better approach is to prepare yourself to feel the fear, because it’s an important part of the franchise investigation process. Most of us feel fear in unfamiliar situations. And if you push it away instead of moving through it, you’re simply putting the fear aside for later. The only way to conquer it is to take action, and to challenge it with rational thinking, logic, and solid research.

If you’ve done your homework and found the franchise opportunity you’ve always dreamed of, you’re in a good position to make an informed decision. Feel the fear but don’t let it overcome you or cause you to miss out. Take that energy and convert it to fuel that powers you through. And if you’re bogged down in information or lacking answers you need in order to make a decision, contact a FranChoice consultant. He or she can help you get through your list of questions expertly and efficiently and move toward the future of your dreams.