Franchise consulting

Our franchise consulting process is completely free

We make it all about you

There are many, many franchises in existence. Some are good, some aren’t and without guidance, it’s very difficult to find the one that is the perfect fit for you.  So what’s our secret for helping you find the perfect fit and where is our value?

  • We place our focus on YOU and your goals for business ownership.
  • Our consultants know that people buy a business because there is a result they are trying to achieve in their lives.  It may have to do with money, leaving a legacy, achieving a certain lifestyle, time management, or something else  but it is important to understand what this desired result is.
  • We are masters at working with people to find out what that result is and helping them to find the business that will help them achieve it.

Because of the strength of our system, we are quite often able to find 2-3 opportunities that match exactly what you are looking for.  We don’t just give you company names and disappear though!  Our consultants work with you throughout your investigation, making sure you’re doing the right kind of due diligence as you determine which is the right option for you.


We know what we're doing

  • We are considered top industry experts. Our founder has been a franchising expert for numerous publications and media outlets for over decades and is frequently called upon for advice and expertise at industry events.
  • FranChoice completes more franchisee placements than anyone in the industry.
  • Our entire company is comprised of business executives, most with extensive franchising experience.


We make it simple

  • Our process focuses on you, the candidate!
  • Our portfolio consists of fantastic franchise companies of all types to fill the needs of our candidates.
  • We have a strong reputation with franchisors because we bring them the most highly qualified candidates who often become their top performing franchisees


The key to our success is that we make the entire process about you. Your goals, your dreams and the changes you want for your life. These are the things that are important to you, so that's our sole focus.

Jeff Elgin, Founder and CEO, FranChoice Inc.

Franchising Provides a Safety Net

If you've never been your own boss, trying to run a business alone could be difficult, scary, and full of the unknown.  But franchising can provide a safety net for those who have never owned a business before. 

This is the safety net a franchise provides: a tried and proven concept with operations, marking, distribution, accounting, technical support, brand, etc. all in place, tested, retested and ready for a sharp, hard working entrepreneur to join the team.  Read on....