Tom Scarda

Tom Scarda, is a Certified Franchise Expert (CFE), author of three books, contributes to numerous investment magazines and hosts The Franchise Academy Podcast.

Tom has owned and operated five businesses both franchised and non-franchised. Tom was the “#1 Franchisee of the Year” in one concept and failed miserably in another concept. The lessons he learned from failure is what makes him such an expert. Named one of the top 50 business leaders on Long Island, Tom has helped over 1500 people figure out if franchising is for them since 2005.

Tom lives with his wife of 30-years, Gina and their dog, Diego, who is three pounds away from the Guinness World Record for fattest Shih Tzu in the world. (Go Diego!) They are the proud parents of two grown children. Their oldest was recently married and Tom was named worst dancer at the family event.

Tom’s mantra is “There are no wrong turns, just different experiences.” However, some folks just move in circles. Tom believes that everyone has a passion sleeping within his or her soul. His mission is to help people harvest their own passion for the betterment of the world. He inspires people to surf on the edge of their comfort zone and choose uncertainty over unhappiness.
Are you ready to control your own destiny? The future is yours. Reach out to Tom today! You may call Tom at 516-322-1435. Visit or book a time on his calendar at: