Terry Coker

Are you at a career crossroads?  Would you like to talk to someone who has been where you are?

Terry Coker has been a franchise executive since 2004 and he has helped thousands of individuals and couples with a “Can-Do-Spirit” explore their dreams of franchise ownership.

Terry is a graduate of the Franchise Center of Excellence, Member of the AAFD Speakers & Experts Bureau, Member of the International Franchise Association and recipient of the Outstanding Young Men in America award.

Have you tired of making profits for someone else? Terry held executive management roles for 25 years in the radio advertising industry before transitioning into entrepreneurial start-ups and small business ownership opportunities. With the experience and perspective of both an executive and an entrepreneur, today Terry focuses on identifying the right fit between and individuals researching franchise ownership and franchise companies searching for leadership, management and marketing talent.

Do you want control over whether you succeed or not? Terry uniquely bridges the gap between the franchisee candidate and the franchisor as a FranChoice consultant. Considered one of the nation’s leading authorities on self-employment and franchise opportunities, Terry is a highly sought after self-employment expert, franchise strategist, speaker, author and CEO of a professional services firm specializing in helping individuals, couples and executives escape from employment and transition to self-employment.

If your career path is unstable, uncertain or has come undone…You’re in the right place. Start a conversation with Terry today by calling 734-459-4121 or email Terry at TCoker@FranChoice.com

Terry holds a BS in Journalism from Bowling Green State University. He lives just South of Asheville, North Carolina with his wife and at least 1 rescue dog.


Recommendations for Terry Coker

Anyone interested in starting their own business should definitely make the time to work with a franchise consultant like Terry Coker.  He is adept at establishing relationships with his clients and focusing his energy on helping make the decision that is best for them. We never felt pressured to buy something or do something we didn’t feel comfortable with.  As we eliminated franchises, Terry was always supportive of our decision.  There really is a lot to consider when evaluating franchises; some of which were obvious and some were not.  There were things that Terry could have just “told us”, based on his experiences, but he knew we had to draw our own conclusions.  He did recommend timelines and then helped us manage to the deadlines we set, which really helped us do thorough investigations and make sound decisions.
Angela F. – Orlando, Florida

Having been a business manager who has grown someone else’s business for the past 25 years, I was at a stage in life where I was looking for what I want to do next.  On average I receive two email requests per week from franchise consultants wanting to “help” me find my next great business opportunity.  While I considered answering one or more of these emails I was always struck with one question “how do I know which person is the right one to respond to?”  That all changed when I received a Linked-In invitation from Terry Coker.  Terry introduced himself as a Franchise Consultant and from his LinkedIn profile I was able to research who he was and feel comfortable with whom I was talking to before scheduling our first conversation.

During our first conversation, Terry gave me the opportunity to lay out my concerns about working with a consultant and he explained his process making clear that it would not cost me any money.  He explained how franchising is not for everyone and that it’s his role to help me determine whether I want to proceed to the next step. From that point I scheduled my next appointment with Terry and we were off to a great partnership.

Terry was able to walk me through a stress free process for researching which opportunity was best for me.  He also connected me with several people from his professional business network to help me find small business loans, access funds from my 401-k without paying early withdrawal fees, attorneys to review agreements, and to help me set up the business corporation.

Thanks to Terry Coker, I am quickly moving into the next phase of my life.  The process has been easy and relatively stress free.

I would highly recommend using Terry Coker if you have a desire to explore franchise ownership.  He is a professional and he will become your friend and partner as you work through this process.
Carol A. – Atlanta, GA.

“When I first learned of franchise consultants, I was a little skeptical that I would be fairly represented and many franchises would be pushed on me.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Terry was just the opposite.

Terry was sincere in helping me find a franchise that I could connect with and be successful.  I was very impressed with the goal setting process that helped me identify my own needs while making it easier for Terry to focus on franchises I would like.

I also liked the consultant arrangement that he was paid by the franchisees only at the conclusion of a successful agreement, so he never pressured us, or made suggestions that we were unlikely to entertain.

At one point in the process it looked as if I might entertain a franchise that I had networked with prior to meeting Terry, which would have meant no commission for Terry.  Terry not only stayed supportive of me without any pressure, he agreed to stay on as my advocate even though he had no financial incentive in helping me.  That is unheard of in today’s business world!

As luck would turn out, I moved away from that opportunity and pursued, and eventually signed, with a franchise Terry had found for me.  He took the time to understand what was important for me and helped me connect with a franchise that shared my values.

Terry continued to support me with weekly calls and emails to help nurture us through the franchise process and was one of the first to call and congratulate after we purchased our franchise.  Terry is a very stand up guy who enjoys helping people realize their dreams.

I am totally happy with our relationship, and I only wish I had met him years sooner.”
Kevin P. – Tallmadge, OH.