Phil Harvey

Phil understands what it takes to be successful in franchising, having been a franchisee, franchisor and independent business owner. He’s felt the passion, excitement, anxiety, fears, elation and satisfaction you’ll experience when taking the entrepreneurial leap. Over the past two decades, Phil’s built, opened and operated franchises in multiple industries. To maximize your prospects for success, Phil will apply FranChoice’s proven approach, leveraging his deep experience, and work with you to find the right business.

Phil’s consultative approach to helping you find the right business is highly personalized, driven by your goals, needs and desires. By listening intently, asking the right questions, seeking validation, Phil will prepare a model that will fuel a thorough search. Phil’s primary objective is your success, as you’ve defined it, and can only be achieved when there’s mutual trust and respect. Trust is earned. Nothing’s more powerful than learning why other people trust Phil – see his “recommendations” within his LinkedIn profile.

The son of an army veteran and a teacher, Phil’s core values are rooted in the belief that honor, trust and mutual respect are sacrosanct. He and his wife have woven those beliefs into the fabric of their lives, and greatest sources of pride – their children. Phil’s passionate about paying-it-forward and is active in non-profits serving homeless youth and the elderly. The phrase most frequently used to describe Phil is “servant leader”.

If you’re familiar with the book “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek, then you’ll appreciate Phil’s desire to understand your “why”. If you’re not familiar with this concept, watch this Ted Talk. Phil’s “why” is to help people achieve their dream of business ownership through franchising. You can count on Phil to guide you through this exciting, invigorating journey with complete respect for your “why”.

When you’re ready to take the entrepreneurial leap, contact Phil at (973) 610-5144 or