Patrick Guillory

Patrick understands the tough decision of leaving the comfort of the corporate world, salary, and benefits. With 3 children and a wife at home, missing out on the family experiences by spending time in the office and traveling internationally finally became enough.

After spending 15+ years at major corporations in various sales and marketing roles, he made his way to the president level and realized this was not the life for him and his family.

He made the big jump and became a franchisee, first opening Kidokinetics in Atlanta and then expanding to Charlotte, NC with a business partner. After the first two were up and running, he purchased a third in Memphis, TN from a business owner looking to exit. The 3 different ways of purchasing and launching a franchise gives Patrick a well-rounded perspective of the different options you have in opening your own franchise.

Patrick discusses the jump he made in the “Your Franchise Friend Podcast” with Charles Stovall.

He currently lives in Marietta, GA and enjoys coaching his kids in various sports, cooking with his wife Emily, and training for endurance sports. After making the transition to a business owner, he has had more time to enjoy all these aspects of life and is continuing to work on his life resume. He can be reached at or at (678) 570-5260.