Mike Welch

“I believe in the power of franchising. You don’t have to be Zuckerberg, Gates, Jobs, or Musk to be an entrepreneur.” – Mike Welch

First and foremost, Mike is a family man. He describes his wife, Shari, with a single, unwavering sentiment, “She’s the absolute love of my life.” Shari works with deaf and deaf/blind children in their community and Mike refers to her as “The Resident Philanthropist” of the house.
Together, they are raising a close-knit family of four kids – Peyton, Addi, Mason, and Tristan. They enjoy all things “family related” especially kids sporting events, family vacations, and time at their lake house in central Minnesota.

On to business………Mike is proof that the franchise model works. Over the last 2 decades, he has built a portfolio of investments in franchise companies, as a franchisee, managing equity partner, and passive investor. He has also helped thousands of people evaluate business ownership through franchising.

You could say that franchising just sort of found Mike. Mike started his career in advertising and in 2004 he was recruited by AllOver Media, an advertising franchise, to head up their national expansion efforts. It didn’t take Mike long to realize that “regular people” were living their dreams of business ownership through franchising, so Mike bought his first franchise at the ripe old age of 28. Over the next decade, Mike successfully owned and ran 2 franchise businesses as a local franchisee. In 2014, Mike founded a consulting company that worked internally with franchise organizations to help them expand their footprint nationally. As a result of that work, Mike was recruited by the franchise powerhouse, Regis Corp where he became VP and Managing Equity Partner at Roosters Men’s Grooming Centers.

Mike is currently an investor in multiple franchise companies and his passion and enthusiasm for franchising shines through in everything he does.
Mike can be reached at mwelch@franchoice.com or 320-291-8141.