Matthew McReynolds

Nothing says the American Dream like stepping out on your own and building a business. So many people dream of working by themselves and for themselves, but few have the courage to take the first step.

Matthew McReynolds understands what it means to overcome the obstacles placed in front of us in order to reach higher levels and obtain higher goals. Growing up, Matthew was a successful athlete, and played football and ran track at the collegiate level. It was in college where he learned that adversity and difficult situations are not only good things, but they are, in fact, the keys to success.

Falling short of his dream to play at a professional level, Matthew had to pivot and make a new way for himself. He fell in love with the non-profit sector and worked for an inner-city school in Chicago, putting his Sociology degree to good use. After a few years there, he relocated to Dallas, Texas, following his now wife and her family; being a native of Pflugerville, Texas, he was eager to be back in his home state! This move ignited his entrepreneurial side, and he worked as a personal trainer, sales rep, and a high school tutor, all before settling into his role at Cornerstone Crossroads Academy, an inner-city school where he resides on the board to this day.

After years of piecing together different roles as an entrepreneur, Matthew was finally able to dive in head first and partner with his Dad to open up his first franchise brand. That brand was the spark to ignite his passion for the franchise industry and he never looked back. In 2022, after growing his family and adding additional brands and territories to the portfolio, Matthew realized that adding value to others was not only a talent but a deeply rooted passion. As a franchise consultant, Matthew is able to add value to others and help people both realize and achieve their dreams of becoming successful business owners.

Matthew is a graduate of Wheaton College and currently resides in Murphy, Texas with his wife and three children. He has a strong passion for fitness and healthy living. He competes in multiple fitness competitions and races throughout the year. He enjoys being with his family and is a strong advocate for self-development and making 1% progress every single day. Matthew is a self-proclaimed serial mentee – always seeking opportunities to learn and to grow. Matthew is so excited for the opportunity to walk you through your entire journey as a franchise owner. He can be reached at 512-507-3686, or