Matt Frentheway

As an adult, Matt Frentheway has learned many lessons and has always been inspired by meaningful and profound events. His eyewitness to 9-11 was a turning point in his life, in which he started on a mission to help others and to have a positive impact on their lives.

Prior to and shortly after 9-11, Matt assisted others in achieving their financial goals as a Financial Advisor with UBS/PaineWebber. He was responsible for matching his clients to appropriate investments in order to help them achieve their dream retirement. This was satisfying until he decided to stretch his boundaries and delve into creating and starting his own businesses.

Aspen Appraisal Group, started in 2006, was one of Matt’s businesses he built from the ground up. Starting Aspen Appraisal Group was the most involved business building experience he had to that point in his life. After several years, Matt started to compare Aspen’s progress to the progress of franchises. He soon realized that owning a franchise can be a much faster way to achieve business success. Franchises can save people years of building a business, investment capital, and much time and energy. He now understands the value of acquiring a franchise in comparison to building a start-up, especially if one is looking for a way to accomplish their business goals effectively and efficiently.

Matt is also a founding partner of the Legends Boxing franchise. Starting from one gym location, he and his partners built a successful scaled system, and created a very viable franchise with several locations across the United States. The franchise was recently acquired by Look Good Brands, and today, along with his partners, Matt owns three area developments for Legends Boxing across the nation. Matt’s experiences have given him firsthand knowledge of starting with a business concept and developing big ideas into a franchise. He believes there is no such thing as failure, if one learns from their mistakes. Matt has learned that hiring a team member with more expertise in a certain particular area gets the job done right the first time.

A unique advantage Matt occupies in this industry is being able to see an opportunity from two perspectives, one from the franchisor’s and the other from the franchisee’s. This perspective gives him a powerful advantage, which he would like to share with others on their journey.
It is easy to get confused when one considers all the information and opportunities presented from the thousands of franchises that are out there. Additionally, one may have experienced the feeling of being overwhelmed with the process, distraught over the various options, and hesitant to choose a franchise when they are not sure if the brand they are looking at is right for them.

Matt has worked behind the scenes in his profitable business ventures, with a proven record of scaling and increasing the bottom line. He has the advantage of his experiences to guide others through this process from start to finish, with confidence and certainty. He welcomes the opportunity to share his expertise and reliable track record with others and offers them a proven way to get remarkable results from a hand-picked franchise that is individually matched to them. The techniques Matt uses in connecting buyers with the right businesses are proven and worthwhile. The process has been developed with the characteristics of one’s dream business in mind. There is no fee involved in providing this service, which will save one effort, time, and money.

As a child, Matt once asked his parents what a green light meant at intersections. They told him that the green light means “Go!” The next time they approached an intersection, they turned to him and asked what a green light meant. Matt replied, “Go Man Go.” He has been living his “Go Man Go!” lifestyle ever since. He wants to help others also get to where they want to go.

Matt is a graduate of Arizona State University, having graduated cum laude in Agribusiness/Pre-Veterinary Sciences. He is a trusted business franchise consultant who lives in Park City, Utah, and is the father of five sons, ages 12 to 22. When he is not assisting others in his consultant role, Matt enjoys wake surfing, skiing, snowboarding, and mountain biking with his family.

Connect with Matt today to find out how he can assist you in accomplishing your dream of owning your own business. He can be reached via email at or via phone at 801-874-3009.