Mack Strange

All of us have a story. Some of us feel good about our stories, and some don’t. If your story isn’t what you’d like it to be, you might feel trapped and helpless. I’m here to tell you there’s hope and a future for you.

I have a passion for helping people live a better story, and I believe that one of the best ways to do this is through the freedom and flexibility that franchising offers. I spent 30 years as a minister, and I was successful in all the ways people evaluate ministry success. But when I took an honest look at my life, I realized that I wasn’t living a good story at home. I was always gone, always working, and my marriage and family were suffering for it. Though I was present for my congregation, helping and supporting them, I wasn’t supporting those who were closest to me.

My wife Sharon and I decided it was time to write a better story for our marriage and family. We knew that franchising could provide us with more freedom and flexibility, so we both retired and began looking for the right franchise for us. At first, we were looking blindly and almost bought a franchise that would have put us into a great deal of debt. Then my daughter told us that her best friend’s dad had a successful franchise, and he wanted to talk to us. Sharon and I had breakfast one morning with he and his wife, and that meal changed our lives. They recommended we use a franchise consultant–a choice that made all the difference.

Working with a consultant, we made an informed decision to purchase a low-debt painting franchise, and we immediately reaped the rewards. We produced $1.2 million in revenue in our first year in business, $2 million in our second year, and were named the top franchise out of 140 in our brand. Aside from the benefits to our marriage and family, the experience has fostered growth and new leadership skills for Sharon, who serves as our CEO. And thanks to the freedom and flexibility of franchising, I’ve not only had the privilege of working with her every day, but I’ve also had the opportunity to support her like she supported me through our first 30 years of marriage. The decision to own a franchise truly has brought us closer together.

I am a direct beneficiary of the power of franchise consulting. Our lives are better because of the education and support Sharon and I received from our consultant. I want you to have the same experience. I want you to live a better story.

Let’s make it happen. There’s no cost and no obligation–just a 20-minute chat to get acquainted.

You can call me right now at 615-477-6762, or email me at . Let’s turn the page together!