Lauri Greenberg

As the owner of six franchises with her husband, Dave, Lauri understands the challenges and rewards of choosing the franchise life. They are multi-unit owners of Salons by JC franchises: four in the Nashville, TN, area; one in Huntsville, AL; and one in Sarasota, FL.

Lauri ran her own interior design business for many years while also supporting Dave in his career as an executive. As a partner with Dave in their multi-unit franchise business, she knows firsthand the fears and excitement of leaving the corporate world to become an entrepreneur. She is a nurturer at heart and loves to share her diverse experiences with others so they can gain a new perspective and grow from it.

Lauri lives with her husband, Dave, in Nashville, Tennessee, and can be found on the coast of Maine during the summer months. Their son Hank is an attorney in New Orleans, Louisiana, and their daughter Annabel is an interior architect in Denver, Colorado.