Erica Balkhi

San Juan Capistrano, CA


Erica Balkhi

Erica is a seasoned professional with over two decades of expertise in business, real estate and franchising. She embarked on her entrepreneurial journey by opening her first franchise right after the birth of her first child, mastering the delicate balance of being a business owner and a mother simultaneously. Holding a master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology, Erica spent years working with children with special needs. In addition, she developed an extensive background in Human Resources while managing six diverse franchise businesses.

As the proud owner of six franchise brands across various industries, Erica’s success in the franchise industry is unparalleled. Having navigated the emotional rollercoaster of buying, building, managing, and selling franchises, her insights and advice are indispensable. As an independent consultant with FranChoice, Erica passionately assists numerous individuals in making business decisions that transform their dreams into reality.

Erica’s outstanding background in franchising makes her a valuable asset at FranChoice. Drawing on her wealth of knowledge and experience, she serves as a consultant to help others identify the perfect franchise opportunity. Erica collaborates closely with candidates, aligning their personal priorities, goals, skills, and business characteristics to ensure they achieve their dreams through successful franchise ownership.

Understanding the profound impact of choosing the right franchise company, Erica guides her candidates through a well-defined and proven process. As a successful franchisee herself, she firmly believes that anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to succeed can reap the numerous rewards of owning a franchise business. Erica is dedicated to helping individuals find their piece of the American Dream through thoughtful guidance and strategic decision-making.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Erica is a devoted wife to franchise consultant, John Balkhi, and a loving mother of three teenagers, accompanied by two golden doodles. Known for her zest for life, she enjoys spending quality time with friends in outdoor activities such as beach walks, hiking, pickleball, and kayaking. Erica is equally passionate about gardening, cooking healthy meals for her family, and exploring beautiful destinations through travel.

When you’re ready to take control of your professional destiny, Erica is the go-to consultant to turn your aspirations into reality. Her unique combination of business acumen, franchising experience, and genuine passion for helping others makes Erica an invaluable partner on your journey to successful franchise ownership. Erica can be reached at 949-394-9720 or at She looks forward to connecting with you soon!