Eric Little

Eric Little is a former C-level franchising executive with over 25 years of experience, and has been recognized by the International Franchise Association as a Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) since 2005. His experience working inside franchise companies at a senior level across a wide variety of industries – automotive, B2B, home services, children’s entertainment, and senior care – allows him to provide franchisee candidates with a balanced and unique perspective about franchising. Eric has also helped hundreds of franchisees sell their businesses, so his expertise spans the entire life cycle from franchise acquisition to business sale.

Eric is a proud believer in the power of the franchising business model because he’s seen it work so many times. Over the past 25 years, Eric and his teams have worked with thousands of people who have contemplated business ownership, and hundreds who eventually realized their dream and became franchisees. He assimilates the experience of watching franchisees succeed in their businesses (in which they often have no prior experience) to a parent seeing their child learn to ride a bike. First, there’s the willingness to take a risk for a compelling reward. Then there’s learning that must happen, practice, and then mastery.

Eric specializes in helping people who want to be more thoughtful and intentional about their career path choices through franchise ownership, but don’t know where to start. He firmly believes that when people reflect back on their lives, they often regret the risks they didn’t take as opposed to the ones they did. If you’re considering using your time and skills toward a more meaningful purpose and would like professional guidance to identify franchises that are a great fit for you, call or email Eric at 801-647-4837 or