Derek Santos

Derek Santos has always known that the path to the American Dream is through business ownership. The son of two Portuguese immigrants and the youngest of 4 boys, he would watch his parents struggle to juggle 4 different schedules while working full time jobs at different shifts. He knew from early age that there had to be another way, and he determined that if you truly want to control your time and lifestyle, you need to be a business owner.

Working a regular 9-5 was never an option for Derek. After building and growing multiple business himself, he became a franchise consultant to help others realize their dreams and do the same. He expertly guides his candidates through a proven process to identify the perfect franchise opportunities for them, taking into account their family life, financial expectations and desired lifestyle. Whether you are looking for financial freedom, freedom of time, a legacy to leave your children, or simply to escape corporate America, Derek will use his expert business knowledge and success to find you the perfect fit for you and your family. His passion for helping people just like his parents and just like you is what drives him to be the best person to guide you on this journey.

Derek lives in Charleston, South Carolina with his dog Koda. When he is not sitting in his computer chair, he is likely sitting in a golf cart, a boat, or a seafood restaurant. He loves to travel and considers Portugal his second home.

You can contact Derek at or (843) 872-8111.