Conor Godfrey

Having spent the better part of the last two decades on Wall Street, Conor has a profound understanding of the struggles of working in today’s Corporate America. He also knows all too well the difficulty in making the transition to business ownership and away from the comfort of a “regular job.” His mission is to prove it’s never too late the rewrite your own story and change the thoughts, habits and behavior patterns that hold you back.

His background is the foundation of a knowledge based in business which allows him to help candidates identify, explore and ultimately make the best choices in pursuit of their goals. He has been part of exceptionally successful organizations across global banking, while helping build teams from the ground up and coaching them to reach and exceed goals.

Conor considers it the privilege of a lifetime to be able serve prospective candidates in pursuit of their dreams. A true believer in the unlimited potential of the human spirit, he finds fulfillment in mentoring and ultimately helping his candidates to find their own fulfillment and happiness through franchise ownership!

Let’s get to work on designing the life of your dreams! Contact Conor at (203) 233-1540 or