Chrystal Bell

Chrystal has owned two franchises herself and has started other personal businesses on her own. She has owned a local property management company with one of the largest property management franchises in the US. This included purchasing an existing franchise and with hard work, she was able to more than double the unit portfolio in just two short years. After building the portfolio, she was able to benefit from the sale of the business. Her second franchise business endeavor was in the world of vending machines. Starting with an initial purchase of machines, she was able to aggressively grow her vending business in less than a year from start-up. Within the first six months she was able to secure some of the largest vending contracts within Larimer County and grew her business by 700%! When the company was stable and ready to grow again, she was able to sell this venture and enjoy a little downtime!

Using what she has learned in her own endeavors, and learning the consulting side for franchises, she can develop a strong model for anyone interested in stepping into the franchise world. Chrystal knows what it is like to invest large sums of capital and put trust in the franchise systems. She has also learned through trial and error what questions to ask franchisors, and what would have been helpful to know in the beginning. Real world knowledge in the franchise process allows her to be a strong asset in finding the best match for new and seasoned business entrepreneurs. Building strong relationships is the key to long term growth and success of a business and Chrystal looks forward to working with you!