Chris Mesker

Trying to find the right franchise fit can be a daunting task for an entrepreneur looking for a new opportunity. FranChoice consultant Chris Mesker has an extensive background in franchising and small business and is ready to help. His experience as a small business owner, franchise owner and being on the corporate side of franchising makes him the perfect person to consult with when doing your franchise search.

Mesker’s first small business – an investment advisor firm that managed over 40 million dollars in assets – sold in the late 90’s and sent Chris on a new adventure. Chris went on to buy his own franchise in real estate services; having gone through the franchise buying process personally, Chris understands the importance of finding the right fit when looking for a franchise.

After exiting his franchise, Chris joined 3 different franchise systems becoming the lead franchise developer who was instrumental in taking people through the investigative process of understanding the brands. You will hear Chris talk about “culture, fit and feel” when you work with him – Chris feels strongly that a company’s culture is important and believes it should be an important component to your search.

Chris attributes his success in life and business to a life-changing battle with cancer at age 26. Once in remission, he vowed never to be unhappy in his career. As he puts it, “I would rather be broke and happy then have to go to a job every day that I dislike.” He has been true to that since 1993 when he went into remission. Chris now feels blessed in being able to help others learn how to realize their dreams. Chris is happily married with three adult children and loves to grow food, fish, hike, bike, boat and read. You can reach Chris at 916-628-3850 or at