Bruce Brady

Bruce has always had an entrepreneurial drive that has allowed him to sharpen his skills across a variety of life experiences. A native Atlantan, he grew up watching his father own a Chevrolet Dealership and a real estate investment business. So, it is no surprise, that Bruce began buying rental properties while a junior at Samford University and acquired 10 rental homes by the time he graduated. He spent the next 15+ years owning over 150 different properties and is still a real estate investor today.

Prior to the real estate crash of the early 2000s, he took an Executive Pastor position at a church plant in Dothan, AL, and then planted a second one in Nashville, TN, in 2006. These roles gave him the opportunity to put his entrepreneurial skills to work in other ways as he set up both HR and financial processes, managed staff, and helped create a welcoming environment for attendees on Sundays.

He transitioned over to corporate America in 2012, a place he never thought he would go. For 10 years he worked in the early days of cloud subscription software, holding leadership positions in finance and sales operations across various companies ranging from the 3rd largest software company in the world to a small software company owned by private equity.

While in the corporate sector, Bruce experienced many of the frustrations common to the corporate experience. During that time, he felt his entrepreneurial drive leading him to something he could have more ownership over. So, in the middle of the pandemic, he took the leap from corporate and bought a failing home services franchise. He was able to take all he learned from his past experiences paired with his natural instincts and turn it around. In a few short months, he was able to make it highly profitable while continuing to grow revenue each year, adding significant value to the sales price.

One of the first things Bruce learned during his franchise experience was that no one starts at zero. Franchisors provide proven methods, marketing, software, products, services, and more so he could just focus on building the business in a healthy direction. He immediately had access to training and a group of franchisees that had come before him that helped his success. It was a proven system he didn’t realize he needed.

These discoveries and his passion to help others are just a few reasons why he wants to help you find your unique and perfect franchise opportunity.

Bruce lives in Atlanta with his wife, Kristen, of over 25 years. They have 4 children that range in age from young adults to high school. When Bruce isn’t working, you can find him spending time with his family.

If you are curious to see if a franchise is what would be a perfect fit for you, reach out to Bruce for a no-cost and no-obligation 20-minute call to take the first step in discovering what is waiting for you. You can reach him at 678-749-9111 or