Britt Schroeter

Jacksonville, FL
Baltimore, MD

(443) 977-8550

Britt Schroeter

“You decide either to pursue your own dreams or to work for someone else who has.” Britt lives by this philosophy. She has made a life where she can do what she loves: teaching others how to capture their own sense of balance and fulfillment through entrepreneurship.

Widely accepted as one of the top franchise consultants in the United States, Britt helps you figure out how to do what most people only dream about. She believes, “Taking control of your career and of your life is not selfish, it’s necessary. While you cannot discount luck, most people living the American Dream have made their own breaks. They do their homework, they take risks, they seize opportunities, and they always keep their eye on the goal.”

To help you clarify and define your goals, “focus on monetary goals and lifestyle goals. Asking, ‘Why should I pursue my dreams?’ leads to self-doubt and questioning of your abilities. Instead, ask, ‘Why not?’ Only then can we begin to identify real obstacles and plan strategies around them,” states Britt.

Britt has spent more than 25 years as a franchisee, entrepreneur, franchise executive, and franchise consultant working for and owning franchises such as Kiddie Academy® Childcare Learning Centers, Molly Maid®, Sylvan Learning(SM) Centers, and SYNERGY® HomeCare.

Britt has captured her franchise expertise as author of a top-selling book on entrepreneurship titled, The Franchisee Playbook. Britt will provide tools and support in your diligence process far beyond your expectations. She shares her extensive knowledge with patience and thoughtfulness, guiding you to your own ideal match.

In her spare time, Britt promotes entrepreneurship as a guest expert for the International Franchise Association. She’s been featured on television and radio, in national publications, and at public speaking venues. Britt can be reached via email at or by calling 443.977.8550.