Ann Marie Weaver

Glenwood Springs, CO


Ann Marie Weaver

In 2013, feeling disillusioned with corporate America, Ann Marie embarked on a journey of entrepreneurship by leveraging the FranChoice selection process to acquire multiple outlets of a national health/spa brand. This hands-on experience equipped her with invaluable insights into the intricacies of purchasing, developing, and ultimately selling a business successfully. Entranced by the allure and promise of the franchise industry for more than a decade, Ann Marie has now not only become a published author but also dedicates her time to guiding others in their quest to break free from the corporate grind.

Growing up in Northwest Indiana, in an entrepreneurial family, Ann Marie was immersed in the world of business from an early age. Observing firsthand the trajectory of a family-owned enterprise that evolved into a multi-million-dollar venture provided her with a profound understanding of scaling and growth dynamics. At the family dinner table, discussions revolving around risk management, effective leadership, strategic planning, and fostering the right mindset were commonplace.

Carrying forward the ethos of perseverance, dedication, and integrity instilled by her family business, Ann Marie transitioned into corporate America after the family business was successfully sold. She found her niche in the payroll/HR domain working directly with business owners – many of whom were franchisees. She spent over a decade assisting thousands of business owners and often working directly with franchisors.

Throughout her diverse professional journey, one constant has been Ann Marie’s entrepreneurial spirit and genuine commitment to supporting others. Her focus has always extended beyond mere business transactions to the profound opportunities that business ownership affords, including the potential for wealth creation and achieving an unparalleled work-life balance. For Ann Marie, the essence lies in the transformative process of becoming a business owner and nurturing unparalleled freedom. Ann Marie can be reached at or (720)468-1521.