Andy Luedecke

Andy’s professional journey is similar to that taken by many candidates.  He has been down the road of working all hours in a corporate environment, begging for a better quality of life, starving for a culture change, finding FranChoice, and coming out the other end as a successful franchisee.  He understands the risk and reward of leaving the safety of the corporate world for the franchise life and his goal is help his candidates navigate this process with as much knowledge and confidence as possible.

During Andy’s career, he followed opportunities wherever they took him within the corporate world, going from  Atlanta GA, to Destin, to Tampa, to Jacksonville FL, and Cincinnati OH in a span of 6 years.  In 2005, While living in Cincinnati he received a call that changed his outlook on life.  Already having lost his mother to a battle with cancer in 2000, he was now informed his father was diagnosed with Leukemia.  Andy realized the importance of family outweighed his career track and he moved back to Atlanta to be closer to his father.

While in Atlanta he helped lead a successful division start up for a Belgium-based company from its grass roots beginnings to over $10 million in revenue in year 4.  During his career there, he was responsible for managing and creating many national and global partnerships with companies such as Apple, Wal-Mart, HP, Kodak, Fuji, and Xerox. Success didn’t come without a price though.  Andy saw himself working 12+ hour days, stressing about work in his sleep, leaving home before his wife and newborn son were awake, and coming home after his son was asleep every night.   When not coming home late at night, he was traveling across the globe and missing out on what he cherished most – time with his new family.  The sky miles and first class upgrades weren’t enough anymore.  It was then he realized it was time to take matters into his own hands and become a franchisee.  Andy wanted a proven system that would allow him to use his natural skill set to build his business, but didn’t know what that business was.  That’s when he was introduced to FranChoice.

After going through the FranChoice process, Andy became a Regional Developer for SYNERGY HomeCare for the Floribama Region in June 2012 (State of Alabama and Panhandle of Florida).  Beginning 2012 with the lowest ranked region in the system, the Floribama region currently ranks 3rd in total revenue.  In October of 2013, Andy opened his own SYNERGY HomeCare agency and was announced as the #2 agency in the entire system for year over year revenue growth at the 2016 annual conference.

He is now the proud father of 3 children (Acker, Percy, and Catherine) and husband to his beautiful wife, Walker.  He is able to take his kids to school, coach their sports teams, fish, and play tennis just about whenever he wants.

Andy’s goal is to help candidates find their perfect fit – based on their specific skill sets, income requirements, and personality type.   Let Andy help you find your dream, just as he found his.  Andy can be reached at or at 404-973-9901.