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BJ Bacha

Growing up in Pittsburgh, PA within a family of steelworkers, I was destined to be a 4th generation steel worker. I was ok with that, but I would listen to my dad complain about working shifts and how hot it was inside of the mill. I was taught at a young age that if you want something you have to work for it, so I started selling baseball cards & comic books at weekend shows at the age of 8. At the age of 10 I established a small lawncare business that I would run through high school. Full of entrepreneurial spirit and not quite certain what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, I sought out adventure and enlisted in the Army National Guard right after my 17th birthday. After serving in the PA & NC Army National Guard and trying a variety of other career paths, one that included selling speakers out of the back of a van, I left Pittsburgh and settled in Charlotte, NC where I put my blue-collar roots to work. While working my way through Real Estate School, I was hired as a part-time employee of a children’s fitness franchise. I worked as often as I could and worked my way from wiping down floor mats to eventually becoming a franchisee (I did sell 2 houses btw and then left the real estate business until I was able to return as an investor). Looking to expand and intrigued by the franchise model, I bought into a mosquito focused pest control franchise and was amazed by what could be achieved through hard work & focus.

Now, I am living my best life. As a FranChoice consultant, I have the opportunity to help others through an incredible and proven process. If you would’ve told me 15 years ago that I’d become financially independent killing bugs, I would have called you crazy. Now I have the chance to bring a variety of options to candidates that are interested in achieving their goals and unlocking their dreams. When I’m not working with candidates, I frequently bounce between Pittsburgh, Charlotte and Orlando with my wife, Heather, and daughter, Sofia, doing what we love: spending time with friends and family, travelling, and watching the Steelers.

I pride myself in sharing the lessons that I have learned “taking the scenic route to success”. In my experience, the key has been to surround myself with positive people that encourage and trust in my abilities. There are so many negative people that we all encounter that shoot down any and every idea. Negativity and fear have been the biggest obstacles that I’ve encountered. It’s important to find someone that understands the fears & anxiety that pale in comparison to the excitement & adventure ahead. I’ve been there and would be honored to be a part of your journey.

Invest in yourself.

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford

Who We Are

Founded in 2000 by Jeff Elgin, FranChoice is the premier franchise consulting company in the United States.  FranChoice matches would-be entrepreneurs with a franchise opportunity that best matches their needs, skills and interests.  Our Mission Statement is “Helping People Realize Their Dreams” and our consultants are the best in the industry at helping people find the perfect business for them.

What we do

FranChoice helps people realize their dreams of business ownership. People come to us who are interested in becoming a franchise owner but don’t know where to start.  Sometimes our candidates have tried to do their own research, and have become overwhelmed by it and are looking for expert guidance.  There are thousands of franchise companies in existence and trying to find the perfect fit can be confusing and frustrating.  That’s where our industry expert consultants come in.

How We Do It

We get to know our candidates and take them through a very thorough consultation process.  Our consultants gain an in-depth understanding of the candidate’s goals for business ownership, their desired role in the business and all kinds of details relating to the characteristics the business must have to meet their needs.

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