Buying a franchise business: “are we there yet?”

Buying a franchise business can be like going on a road trip. And anyone who has ever taken a long car trip with small kids is familiar with the question: “are we there yet?” It is usually posed in a frustrated voice — because kids don’t care about the journey, they just want to get to the destination. Well, we can’t blame them, can we? After all, who among us had any patience at that age?

In many ways, we face this same dynamic with people interesting in buying a franchise business. Once someone decides they want to grab their piece of the American Dream by owning and operating a franchise business, they want it to happen NOW. The frustration that some people experience is due to the nature of the process. There are some time-consuming steps that must be taken before the business is ready to open, and rushing these steps can be a bad and/or expensive idea.

So, how do you get “there,” and how do you get there NOW?

Well, you don’t. At least not in the way you might have originally thought when first contemplating buying a franchise.

If you started your franchise investigation process with the feeling that you wanted to get there NOW, you’re not alone. We call this stage in the process “searching for the new world.” Just like Columbus, you set out on a journey into the unknown, as you look for a franchise that’s right for you. Perhaps you start out focusing on some product or service that appeals to you (which we’ll call the “widget”). You start researching franchises that provide the widget. And you find a wealth of information — so much that you find it difficult to organize or sort through it. Then you decide to contact individual companies that seem like they might suit you based on the widget they offer.

Columbus never found Asia (his destination), but he did finally find land because he persisted in heading in one direction. However, you find your “boat” sailing in circles. Without clear direction or focus, it’s hard to move in any one direction. What’s the answer?

Contact FranChoice to help you sail toward your destination. Your journey with FranChoice may take you to places you’ve never dreamed of, but you’re certain to find land. And we’ll help you find it using our proven process, to make sure you are conducting your investigation efficiently and thoroughly.

If your idea of “arriving at land” means

-Having time to spend with your family

-Achieving a lifestyle that allows you to do the things you’ve always dreamed of doing

-Finally obtaining the financial stability and comfort you’re seeking

… then FranChoice is your answer. If you want some valuable, free assistance in finding your way, the right way, to buying a franchise business, let us help. We look forward to helping you arrive in your New World.

Sail Away!