6 Characteristics of a Successful Franchisee: How Do You Measure Up?

Wondering what it takes to become a successful franchisee? Many people believe franchise ownership is for the true entrepreneur. That’s a misconception. A franchisee strives to replicate the success of the original franchise business rather than blazing a new or innovative path. The key marker of someone who will make a good franchisee may surprise you. It’s the ability and willingness to follow directions! Here are additional personality traits:

Successful Franchisee Characteristic #1: People Person

Are you skilled at dealing with customers and employees? People skills are at the top of the list! A good franchisee excels at networking and likes meeting new people. They enjoy getting established in the community, joining civic groups, and participating in organizations to give their business more visibility. They’re skilled at managing people and work to retain valuable employees.

Successful Franchisee Characteristic #2: Results Oriented

A strong franchisee knows that activity does not equal accomplishment. They keep an eye on results, continuously monitoring benchmarks and measuring progress toward goals. They are agile and willing to change course if the business is not achieving set goals.

Successful Franchisee Characteristic #3: Effective Leader

A successful franchisee is the “rock” that everyone can count on. They are the head cheerleader, skilled at motivating and encouraging the team. With a positive and forward-looking attitude, they focus on opportunities rather than hurdles or problems. They address issues by developing solutions rather than concentrating on establishing blame.

Successful Franchisee Characteristic #4: Cautious About Risks

Looking to minimize risk, a good franchisee selects a strong franchise system with a proven track record. They take advantage of all of the training offered and learn as much as they can from the franchisor and other franchisees. If you like to blaze your own trails while throwing caution to the wind, franchising is not the right environment for you.

Successful Franchisee Characteristic #5: Has Eyes on the Prize

A successful franchisee is able to keep the big picture firmly in mind while doing what it takes to keep the business growing strong. That may mean working long hours, cleaning the grease trap, and/or sweeping the sidewalk – it doesn’t matter. If you can keep your eye on the big picture while doing the mundane but necessary tasks, you’re on the right path.

Successful Franchisee Characteristic #6: Resilient 

You can’t hold a good franchisee down for long. They bounce back quickly and trust that their franchise system will work effectively over time. They’re able to keep any setbacks in perspective, knowing that adhering to the proven model will pay off.


Franchising is fantastic for the right person but it’s not for everyone. If you see yourself in these descriptions, you may have just the confidence, drive, and motivation needed to succeed in the franchise business!