Your Life, Your Business.

You’re ready to take on the challenges of owning your own business, but how do you know which business is your best fit?

It’s a lot. We get it.

That’s why FranChoice is here to be your partner in this big decision. We’ve been doing this for over 20 years, and with that experience comes foresight. We keep it real and transparent, and will uncover your best possible opportunities. Or, if franchising isn’t a fit for your goals and lifestyle, we’ll be honest and let you know up front.

As seasoned consultants, we have the intel to help you live your best life and own the right business. Plus, our Gold Star inventory is teeming with companies that we’ve vetted based on unit economics, management, and systems.

With thousands of franchises in the U.S. alone, we are here to do all your heavy lifting. It’s what we do, it’s what we’re passionate about, and it’s how we have helped thousands of entrepreneurs live their best lives.

Big Decisions Require the Best

  • All About You

    Our experts will make it their business to know all about you, your experience, and your goals!

  • Finding Your Match

    Once we understand you, we’ll use our expertise and proprietary process to identify franchisors from our Gold Star inventory that are a perfect match for you.

  • Time to Choose

    Based on your research of the companies that we’ve selected, you’ll choose the best opportunity for you.

Ready to find the business you are meant to own? We thought so.

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