Franchising 101

Definition of Franchising

What is franchising, anyway?

History of Franchising

From sewing machines to multi-billion dollar economic outputs for the U.S. economy. Learn about how franchising came to be.

Franchising Components
Take a look at the various parts of  a typical franchise business.

Franchising Glossary
Use this glossary to get definitions for unfamiliar terms that you might come across when researching franchises.

FTC - Buying a Franchise
Information from the Federal Trade Commission about franchising regulations.

Helpful Resources

Career Transition Guide
This guide was written for those whose career has stalled out, those who are thinking about business ownership, and those who think that there must be something better than working for someone else.

Where Do You Fit?

Some are cut out to be employers and some employees - find out the characteristics of both.

The Franchise Disclosure Document

What is the FDD and why is it so important to understanding a franchise company?

Franchising Provides a Safety Net for Entrepreneurs

Read about how becoming your own boss does not mean you have to reinvent the wheel.

Franchise Investigation Procedures

Take a look at the FranChoice process we use with our candidates when investigating franchises.