Mike Shields

Most Americans don’t achieve the future of their dreams by being an employee of somebody else! They reach these goals and aspirations by owning and operating their OWN companies – and having quality individuals work for THEM!

Mike Shields is a great example of someone who has done just that. He has owned 2 businesses including a franchise, and personally reaped the rewards of significantly growing sales and his own income exponentially.

Mike attended college on an ROTC scholarship and served as an Army intelligence officer for several years. Like many of us, he started out in corporate America, working for Xerox as a sales rep. He was then hired by Stryker Corporation selling medical surgical devices.

After 10 years, Mike invested his own money and started a medical device distributorship covering both Florida and Georgia. This was a BIG risk for Mike and his family when he left a lucrative job with Stryker and started a new business from scratch. But, the gamble paid off! During this time, he was able to run his own sales force, manage his own business operations, grow sales and consequently, earn twice as much money as he had ever earned working for somebody else. Mike estimates that he has been in the operating room for almost 5000 surgeries!

After selling medical and surgical devices to orthopedic and neurosurgeons for over 30 years, Mike joined FranChoice. He will work tirelessly on your behalf, as he has done for his family, to help YOU find the business that will help you get to the life that others only dream about. Whether your dream is a better house, nicer car or the best possible education for your children, Mike can help YOU make that happen!

Mike is the father of 5 wonderful kids that he raised in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida with his wife Karen. Mike and his wife worked tirelessly as parents to achieve the American Dream and provide their children with the best educational opportunities that their lives together could offer. Three of his children attended the University of Florida and graduated with honors in business. All 3 work in finance as adults. His 2 middle sons were standout soccer players and both played college soccer at the D 1 Level. Both of these sons live and work in Charleston, SC selling commercial real estate.

Mike lives in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida – home of the PGA tour and enjoys the weekends playing golf at Sawgrass, as well as spending time relaxing on the beach with his friends and family.