Join Our Portfolio Of Franchisors

At FranChoice, our mission statement is, "Helping People Realize Their Dreams." This is not a glib statement we use to fool the public, it is the reason we are in business. This mission statement refers not only to the services we offer the public but, just as importantly, to the opportunity we offer to the franchisors and consultants we work with every day.

The leading franchise companies we work with use our services to help them achieve their growth goals as a means to realize their own dreams. The relationships we have with our franchisors are extremely important strategic alliances. By building strong and effective relationships with our franchisor partners, we will all be able to reach our goals.

We are constantly looking for more quality franchisors to join our team, the emphasis being very much on the word "quality." The simple fact is there are many franchise systems that want to grow and would like to use our services but many do not have the characteristics that make us excited about referring our candidates to them.

Our Service to Franchisors

Most franchisors have in-house efforts to produce leads and recruit new franchisees. They have specific goals for system growth and the numbers of new franchisees they want to recruit. They have marketing strategies and lead sources designed to produce candidates for their system. The costs for these programs vary greatly and franchisors have typically allocated significant resources towards this effort.

Many franchisors find that the traditional sources they use to produce leads for prospective franchisees are less effective than they once were. The incremental cost of recruiting new franchisees has increased dramatically and, in many cases, the old lead sources are simply not cost effective any more.

The people we refer to franchisors are quite different from the average lead that a franchisor processes.

Highly Qualified Candidates

Candidates we send to franchisors are:

• Pre-screened - we have spent hours with them already making sure their goals for business ownership match well with the characteristics of the franchise

• Financially qualified - we insure candidates have the funds to meet the franchisors investment requirements

• Serious about becoming a franchise owner

Genuine Interest

Our unique, highly consultative approach generates a candidate that is open minded to possibilities and we are often able to create significant interest in a company that they never would have considered before our conversation.

When we send a candidate to a franchisor, that candidate will be genuinely interested in conducting a serious investigation of this particular franchise.

Risk Free

Because we are compensated for a placement only when a franchisor selects our candidate as a franchisee for their system, there is little risk to the franchisor in working with us.

Franchisor Qualifications

FranChoice is contacted by many franchisors that have a desire to work with us in order to receive the high-quality, pre-screened referrals we generate.

We have found that a successful relationship with a franchisor requires more than just this desire. The reality is that unless a franchisor has certain characteristics, we probably won't have much success working together.

Rather than find this out through an experience that might be frustrating for both of us, we want to be clear from the beginning about what it takes to make this relationship work effectively.

We care about the quality of the Concept

The most important characteristic we look for in a franchisor is the "quality" of the concept.

Effective communication system

How the franchisor communicates with the candidate during the sales cycle takes into consideration both the quality of the communication tools the franchisor uses and the responsiveness of the franchisor's staff assigned to interact with prospective franchisees.


Unless the existing franchisees in a franchise system are generally happy with the business, it is almost impossible for our system to work effectively with that franchisor. If there are significant unit failures or a record of litigation with franchisees, this has the same effect.

Track Record

We are looking for franchisors that have been in business a sufficient length of time and have grown a satisfactory number of units so that it appears evident that they have solidified their systems and are ready to provide a stable and predictable opportunity for new franchisees.

Income Potential

It is necessary that a new franchisee be able to make a reasonable return in a reasonable period of time. We never discuss the specific economics of any opportunity with our candidates, but they will determine this during their investigation, so the answer must be competitive.

Next Steps

1. If you would like to proceed to the next step in terms of setting up a relationship, please contact us at

2. After an initial discussion, we will ask you to send us a copy of your promotional materials and a current Franchise Disclosure Document. In return, we will provide you with a great deal of additional information about FranChoice®, Inc., including references, detailed information about our services, franchisor fees and copies of the contracts we use with franchisors.

3. We hope that you will want to become a part of the business we are building and that we can help you accomplish your dreams through assisting you to meet your company's growth goals. Thank you for your interest in FranChoice!