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There are over 2,000 registered
franchise companies in the marketplace.

Sorting through this huge collection of franchise opportunities can be a daunting task. You could spend months looking at franchises and you'd still find that most, if not all, just don't match with what you really want in a franchise business. At FranChoice, we've done much of the homework for you. We have carefully pre-screened hundreds of franchise companies. Some are very large and some are newer, hot concepts. They include companies from all types of franchises including mall retail, shopping center retail, home based, food, automotive, personal service, gift and business to business.

A Great Franchise Fit

There are many franchise opportunities out there—some great, some good, some not so good—and it can be quite difficult to weigh their pros and cons alone. We will use your model as our guideline as we research franchise opportunities for you. We will seek out those franchises that most closely match the characteristics you are looking for. We'll also check for territory availability and make sure there are no unusual circumstances that would get in the way of your exploring these franchise opportunities. Within a few days of your franchise consultation, we will introduce to you those companies that we feel best fit your model. We offer a safe, professional environment in which you can learn about franchise opportunities in a variety of industries that span a wide investment range. Our goal is to find a "great fit" for you.

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