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Act Like An Angry Bird

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If you have a smart phone or computer, you’ve undoubtedly played or at least heard of the game called Angry Birds.  This addicting little game has the player firing birds at structures made of wood, concrete and ice in order to try and kill the naughty piggies hiding within.  When playing the game it is often necessary to use a strategy that involves determining precisely how to hit a rock, piece of wood, or chunk of ice so that it begins to teeter….just so….and finally….to tip over - setting off a chain reaction, with pieces ultimately falling onto the pig and destroying it.  Watching the selected wooden beam or chunk of ice take a hit, begin to tip, and finally fall is not only mesmerizing but a metaphor for the way things often unfold in our lives.

In the Angry Birds game, it behooves the player to be very strategic in his shots in order to set off the desired chain reaction, and achievement of the goal.  On some occasions, that “tipping point” happens just as the player is ready to give up on the play and start another.  But by waiting for just the right moment, just the right push, the end result is greater than the original plan.

In the real world, the current economic climate is causing more and more people to take actions that change their game forever.  For many, their tipping point is the culmination of several years of unemployment, under-employment, or just plain frustration. The tipping point is now.

Are you one of these people?  Could you be ready to tip things over, to set off a career “chain reaction” that might just lead you to business ownership and a far better outcome than what would be had by staying the course?

We’ve helped over 5000 people realize their dream of business ownership and we’d love to help you too. Your FranChoice consultant will help you conduct a thorough, smart franchise investigation, and will make the research process personal, manageable and approachable. Our consultants can help you better identify the franchises that fit your goals and dreams while answering your questions and providing guidance along the way. 

Sign up for a no cost – no obligation franchise consultation today, and learn about some of the exciting new opportunities we’ve added to our inventory since we last worked with you. We specialize in representing opportunities that share the following characteristics:

  • Low initial investment (some even under $100k)
  • Run it yourself or as a semi-absentee owner
  • Recession resistant

We look forward to helping you create your own personal tipping point!

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