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Green Franchises

Green Franchises

Do you think a green franchise might just be the right answer for you?  You’re not alone.  Green franchise opportunities include many of the most widely known and respected brands in America and a green franchise, for the right person, could be a fantastic investment.  If you think a green franchise opportunity is of interest to you, you’ve come to the right spot.

We have assembled a wealth of green franchise information at this web site.  In order to make it as easy as possible for you to find what you’re looking for, the following section guidance should prove helpful.  As you scroll down this page, you’ll see a list of automotive franchise opportunities, organized by the franchise company name. 

Under each green franchise company name, you’ll see three links:

General Info - this link takes you to a page with general information about each green franchise company.  This information could include a brief history, a general description of the company’s products and/or services and information about green franchise opportunities.  The primary sources for this information may include the automotive franchise company’s own promotional literature, videos and/or its web site.

Financial Statements – this link takes you to a page that includes the most recently available audited financial statements for the company.  Though many people tend to assume that most green franchises are fairly strong in a financial sense, this is one of those areas where it is important to verify.  Examining the financial performance of the parent company of the green franchise opportunity can provide you with a basis for either confidence or concern, depending on what you find.  You should note any questions you have on these statements for further review if you decide to pursue a green franchise with any of these companies.

FDD Sections – this link takes you to a page containing some of the key sections in the green franchise company’s Federal Disclosure Document*.  The FDD sections we have included are the ones we felt were probably the most interesting to someone looking into green franchise opportunities, and these are:

Item 1 – The Franchisor and any Parents, Predecessors and Affiliates.  This section provides information about the company is now and where it came from in terms of its history.

Item 2 – Business Experience.  This section includes a listing of each of the officers, directors and/or key management employees of the franchise company including a background of other positions that each person listed has held in the past few years.

Item 3 – Litigation.  This section contains any litigation history the company is required to disclose.

Item 4 – Bankruptcy.  This section contains any bankruptcy history the company is required to disclose.

Item 7 – Estimated Initial Investment.  This section contains information breaking out information on the initial investment required for the franchise.

Item 10 – Financing.  This section explains any financing programs the company has in place for franchisees.

*FDD filings are public information.  The FDD sections contained in this web site are conversions of PDF files available via the state of California’s web site.  The information we are providing is potentially limited in its usefulness because, among other possible issues: 1) there may be transmission or conversion errors from the pdf original to the information available through our site, 2) there may be state specific disclosure requirements for other states that are not included because our source was the state of California, 3) there may be circumstances where the document we provide is not the most current one available if the FDD has been modified, amended or if we haven’t accessed the current document yet from the state of California, and 4) we have chosen to reproduce only those sections of the FDD that we feel will be of the most potential value to our readers, therefore the sections you will see do not represent a complete FDD.  We are not a franchise company, we are not offering any franchise for sale and we are not offering to provide a full and complete current FDD, under the requirements of the FTC rules for green franchise opportunities wishing to sell a franchise, to anyone under any circumstances.

Company Listings for Green Franchises

cartridge depot franchises General Info FDD Financials: PDF Doc
maid brigade franchises General Info FDD Financials: PDF Doc
servicemaster clean franchises General Info FDD Financials: PDF Doc
superior wash franchises General Info FDD Financials: PDF Doc
the cleaning authority franchises General Info FDD Financials: PDF Doc
the hygienic home franchises General Info FDD Financials: PDF Doc

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