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Jamba Juice Franchise

Jamba Juice smoothie franchises got their start in 1990 in San Luis Obispo, California. The founders, who were regular health nuts, were deeply committed to delivering good flavor and good nutrition together in a refreshing fruit blend. Today, they have hundreds of stores from New York to Hawaii, but their dream is still quite simple: to make healthy living delicious, nutritious, and fun! Jamba Juice smoothie business enriches the daily experience of their customers, their community and their company through the life-nourishing qualities of fruits and vegetables.
Now, for just about 15 years, the delicious smoothies sold by the Jamba Juice refreshment chain have caused a wave of delight among customers all over. Yet while their flavors are obviously delicious, varied and packed with real fruit, Jamba Juice markets to a particularly health conscious crowd by talking up all of the nutritious benefits that can be derived from drinking these smoothies. While certain drinks focus more on the antioxidants, others highlight their high potassium and low sodium content - or some other combination of life-enhancing ingredients involving minerals, vitamins, amino acids and even specific kinds of healthy fats.

Now is the time for an ambitious entrepreneur to look into a franchise relationship with a Jamba Juice franchise. Successful franchisees are able to manage high volume sales as well as demonstrate a good track record of similar types of business management. When you join Jamba Juice, you get the benefit of the backing of a national brand and years of experience to help you continue to be successful in your business.

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