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Franchising is a wonderful way to go into business for yourself - without being out there all alone. Once you find the business you'd like to run, you'll find support from the franchisor every step of the way. You don't have to be an expert at site selection, build-out, inventory selection or marketing because the franchisor can teach you all you need to know.

But franchising is not for everyone. The following articles can help you determine if you have realistic expectations of franchising and if you'd make a good franchisee.

Successful franchisees generally fall into certain categories. They are comfortable with moderate risk, they are willing to follow the system and rules that pertain to their franchise company, and they enjoy the challenges of starting a new business. These franchisees are enthusiastic, good with people, and are willing to work the hours necessary to get the business up and running smoothly.

Similarly, there are characteristics of successful franchise companies that you should be aware of when doing your research. Do they have a track record of success? Are their franchisees successful and happy? Will they provide all the support you need, both now and in the future? You'll want an emphatic "Yes" to these questions before you put them on your short list.

Putting an ideal franchisee candidate together with the ideal franchise company is what makes franchising work so well. Be sure you thoroughly understand your own needs/desires and your business style as well as culture of the franchise company you want to own before you make any final decisions.


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