FranChoice Franchise Consultants

Our Consultants

FranChoice's franchise consultants are an elite group of caring, experienced franchise experts who have been handpicked for their understanding of the industry and their ability to bring exceptional value to a candidate's search. In addition to business experience - sales, marketing, customer service, consulting, site selection, operations, management, etc. - each consultant has franchise experience, either as a franchise executive or from the franchisee perspective. In most cases they've done both and know both sides of the process.

Since April 2000, our consultants have helped over 5,000 people achieve the American Dream of owning their own franchise business.

For a picture and full bio on each of our consultants simply click on their name in the list below:

Arbuckle, Scott
Banker, Andy
Billesbach, Roy
Bisio, Rick
Blackmon, Bill
Blackmon, Debbie
Bogart, Matt
Burge, Laurie
Caperino, Frank
Carnahan, Mike
Castellini, Dan
Cayle, Marc
Coker, Terry
Copeland, Mason
Cynkar, Chris
Daly, Kim
Davidson, Judy
DeBolt, Jim
Divine, Bill
Divine, Lucy
Donohue, Patrick
Fanning, Ray
Fudge, Betty
Fudge, Chip
Gannon, Bob
Gilfillan, Pete
Goldman, Adam
Golliver, Careyann
Grody, Bill
Hickman, Brett
Hilgers, Christopher
Horton, Andrew
Hughes, Cory
Hutchinson, Tana
Johnson, Bob
Jones, Scott
Judy, Jim
Knauf, George
Landino, John
Landino, Nancy
Lewis, Melissa
Los, Theresa
Luedecke, Andy
Maeker, Stephen
McLain, Troy
Menter, Linda
Mesker, Chris
Nieb, Andrew
Norman, Patty
Oaks, Steve
Perry, Ryan
Pierson, Brendon
Pleuss, Diane
Pope, Richard
Roberts, Alex
Robinson, Rick
Scarda, Tom
Schmellick, Bob
Schmitz, Meg
Schonberg, Seth
Schrack, Bill
Schroeter, Britt
Shafritz, Jeff
Stevens, Matt
Taylor, Don
Tennant, Derek
Truitt, Nat
Van Horn, Erik
Weaver, David
White, Joe
Wilds, Anna

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