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Don Taylor - Franchise Consultant

Thank you for the opportunity to help you realize your dreams of business ownership. This is an exciting time and I look forward to being a valuable resource for you every step of the way.

A little bit about me- I’m a husband, a father and a friend. I’m passionate about helping people find the perfect franchise business because these are life-changing decisions and it’s important to get it right. I started in franchising during the early 90’s as a multi-unit manager for Subway while attending college in San Luis Obispo, CA. During those 4-years, I learned the value of working within a franchise system and encountered some hurdles along the way. After college, my beautiful bride and I moved to Colorado so we could pursue her dreams of becoming an Orthopaedic surgeon, which she has since accomplished.

Since 1994, I have built successful business units in telecommunications, computer security and dental distribution. I have held leadership positions from Vice President to Director and Manager where I recruited and developed talented people from all walks of life in order to reach my business goals. In 2013 I earned a ‘Region of the Year’ award for a business unit we had started just seven years earlier. It was humbling and unheard of in an 80-year old company, but we did it. That was my proudest moment as a leader and my biggest overall accomplishment in business.

This was also a time for change in my life. I was ready to leave the corporate world and build something for my family. Franchising was my vehicle to accomplish that goal. I went on to build a DNA, drug & alcohol testing franchise in northern Colorado. The business grew quickly and the tools and systems were working as planned.  However, as time went on, I had more and more friends, colleagues and their referrals asking me to help them find their perfect franchise opportunity too. So, I did.

My candidates ask me all the time how and why I became a franchise consultant. Simply put, it’s because of the experience I had when selecting my own franchise business. Like many entrepreneurs, I started that journey on my own, with no real idea of where to begin or how to put it all together. Like anybody else, all I really wanted was to make the right decision for me and my family.

My search lasted upwards of a year and included vetting twenty-four different opportunities. At first it was exhausting, time-consuming and not all that productive. I found myself lost, overwhelmed and I lacked a functional process.  As I sought out Franchise opportunities that 'sounded good’ or 'seemed to be a logical fit', I found the franchising world was much bigger and broader than I had realized. I had no idea there were thousands of brands in just about every industry and ownership model you can imagine.

I knew there had to be a better way to do this, so I found a franchise consultant to help me out. In a short amount of time, he figured out what was important to me, guided me through the process correctly and helped me make a good decision. This saved me a lot of time and stress. It was at that point I realized I wanted to help others go through this process and realize their dreams of business ownership.

How I can be helpful to you- I know what it’s like to be in your shoes. As a franchise owner, I’ve been through this process myself. I understand what it’s like to investigate as well as work with a franchisor once the deal is done.

As your franchise consultant, I will work with you on your side of the table and guide you through an organized and informative process. I’ll help you establish a personal profile that outlines everything you deem important, including lifestyle as the business owner, your role in the business, how to leverage your skills and experience, building a long-term exit strategy, establishing a budget, project financing, etc. All of these factors will guide us as we select the perfect opportunities for you. Once we identify them, I will support you through the entire investigation process until we find a brand you love.  

My candidates enjoy open, candid communication with me. They tell me they appreciate the relationship we build and the reliability and professionalism I show them. We certainly have fun along the way and I don’t stop working for them until we reach their goals.

My office is in Loveland, CO. However, I work with candidates and franchisors all over the US. Please feel free to reach me at 303-548-9475 or by email at to schedule a confidential consultation. I look forward to visiting with you about your goals and ultimately identifying how I can help.  


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