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Derek Tennant - Franchise Consultant

Derek Tennant is an experienced and well-versed entrepreneur and businessman who is excited about helping you realize your dream through franchise ownership. Due to his successful background in founding and operating multiple franchise companies, his knowledge and advice is the edge you need in researching and establishing your new venture.

Derek is a lifetime entrepreneur, co-founding Sports Cars Unlimited at the age of 20, while attending the University of Western Ontario. This venture would lead to him to become one of the youngest Ford dealers in the world in North Bay and Peterborough, Ontario. Derek then went on to found and operate Holiday Rent-a-Car (which became Thrifty in Canada) and two Ford Motor Company new car dealerships. His 10-point sales plan and training resulted in record breaking sales. These principles remain the leading edge in all his business transactions today.

Derek is honoured to be a philanthropist, community leader and green-environment advocate.  For example, rather than see 2,000 abandoned homes in Elliott Lake, Ontario demolished he refurbished and marketed them to seniors, turning the former mining town into a thriving seniors community. He is also a leading Ontario wind power developer and already owns 2 Teslas.
He passionately supports children’s education and with his wife, co-founded, FreeSchools World Literacy – a registered charity in Canada, USA and Australia with 42 schools in India, Northern Thailand and Bangladesh. FreeSchools educates young girls for as little as $15/year.

His wife, Sue, is an ordained interfaith minister and operates FreeSchools. She and Derek see the committed family as the cornerstone of peace and prosperity.

Derek knows the decisions and choices you make now yield dividends throughout the life of your new company. The winners are you, your family and your employees for years and years to come. He looks forward to helping you ensure the best decision for your success.

You can reach Derek at or 705-888-4110.


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