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FranChoice has helped thousands of people find the perfect franchise business for their goals and dreams. Our consultants make the process manageable, fun and rewarding. This is just a sampling of people who have fulfilled their dreams and are living the life they always wanted. They have all been successful in their quest for business ownership with the help of a FranChoice franchise consultant.


David R., of Belmont, MA, owned his own business for over 20 years and was looking for something new and different to do. While searching for the best franchise for him in this economy, David worked with FranChoice consultant Melissa Lewis. Melissa supported David during his franchise research and decision-making process. She helped him find a senior care franchise that will allow him to enjoy the freedom and flexibility that he wants in his life. His management and sales experience will surely do him well in this franchise opportunity. Congratulations!


Paul R., of Belleville, IL, was looking to take the reins in his career after being laid off from corporate America. While looking for a business-to-business franchise model in a great, ethical company – Paul began working with FranChoice consultant Ray Fanning. Ray came alongside Paul to help him complete a thorough franchise investigation which lead him to the perfect franchise partner for him – a commercial cleaning franchise. This franchise business will call on his strong people skills, as well as his expertise in sales and management. Best Wishes!


Eric R., of Media, PA, is a serial-entrepreneur who was ready for a fresh start. While working in his current business, he started a franchise investigation with FranChoice consultant Steve Valentine. Steve stayed patient with Eric while he continued to be busy in his business in addition to doing his franchise research. Eventually, Steve helped Eric land in just the right gig for him – a painting franchise. This painting business was just the type of franchise opportunity Eric was looking for and he’s sure to knock it out of the park. Congratulations!


Dean W., of Denver, CO, and his wife were ready for a new opportunity to work together and use their well-honed skills and experience. While looking for the perfect business to start up together, they worked with FranChoice consultant Patty Norman. Patty played to their strengths and experience and helped them find the right franchise for them – a retail franchise. This franchise business allows them to utilize their consultative personalities while growing the business without having to run the show on a daily basis. What a great fit for a successful couple. Best Wishes!


Kim W., of Davis, CA, was looking for a franchise business that would allow her and her husband the lifestyle they desired as well as support her large family. After beginning her own franchise research journey, Kim brought alongside herself FranChoice consultant Richard Pope. Richard helped Kim conduct a thorough and analytical investigation leading them to the best fit for a franchise for her and her family. Kim’s management and marketing background will greatly assist her in this residential services franchise. This business is scalable and backed by a strong home improvement services franchisor. Congratulations!





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